In September 2022 we changed the logo on our school uniform to include our key words; Explore, learn, grow. We realise and understand that some children will be wearing their existing uniform, with the old logo, until they have grown out of it and when parents replace the uniform can then get the new logo. Please do not feel you have to replace uniform to change the logo, when existing uniform still fits them!

Please order your uniform from the school office or you can order online.

School Uniform

We expect that everyone in school will endeavour to reflect the spirit, tone and high standards already achieved by our popular school. We will of course support any changes or alterations to our uniform, in relation to religion, culture or ethnic origin which will be in line with our Equal Opportunities Policy.


Grey trousers/shorts

Grey, black or white socks

Red Kirkbride jumper with logo

Red or white polo shirt with/ without school logo

Red t-shirt and black shorts for P.E.

Logo optional


Grey skirt/pinafore dress/trousers/shorts

Grey, white, black socks or grey/black/red tights

Red Kirkbride jumper/cardigan with logo

Red or white polo shirt with/without school logo

Red/white dresses in summer

Red t-shirt and black shorts for P.E. Logo optional

We also have a selection of school coats and fleece jackets. Both boys and girls are expected to wear ‘traditional school style shoes’ in black with the option of blue/black/brown school type sandals in the summer. Black boots may be worn in inclement weather. Shoes should not have heels, which are unsuitable for playing safely.

Jewellery, including rings, necklaces and dangling earrings should not be worn. Children with pierced ears are only permitted to wear stud earrings at school. Watches and ear-rings must not be worn for P.E.

Children are not permitted to wear nail-polish, false nails, make-up, false tan, and hair extensions in school.