We follow the Policy set out by the Cumbria LA. Pupils will be admitted at age 3+, without reference to ability or aptitude. The number of intended admissions for the year commencing September 2021 will be 15. In the event of more than 15 applications, priority will be given to children living near to the school, or who have brothers or sisters already at school, or have medical reasons to attend Kirkbride School rather than another. Children from outside the catchments area with exceptional social, medical or educational needs will be admitted if there is space.

In the event of a place not being available, a place should be offered at the nearest school to the child's home address, which has space available. Parents should note that if a place is allocated to our school on the basis of information provided by them and that information later proves to be inaccurate, the offer may be withdrawn. The LA also reserves the right to seek verification of any information provided by parents including proof of residency.

Cumbria County Council
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LA Admission Policy

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