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Pupil Premium

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School Sports Grant

Our Aim

We aim to create a happy, stimulating environment where all children are provided with opportunities, to plan, participate in and evaluate their physical education.

This will enable Kirkbride Primary School to promote a lifelong love of sport and physical activity.

Our Values

We believe that PE in a safe and supportive environment, is vital to a child’s physical and emotional well-being and development. A high quality, PE programme ensures that children’s needs are at the forefront whilst encouraging them to realise the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our Objectives

We aim to do this by promoting a life-long love of sport and physical activity through the following objectives:

Thorough application of the PE Programmes of Study, utilising expert coaching wherever possible

On-going high quality CPD for all staff

A range of physical activities during playtimes as well as upgrading the playground

A variety of after school clubs to target all interests and abilities

Providing links to community sports clubs

A commitment to working towards the School Games Kitemark annually

As children move through primary school, they must develop their physical and cognitive skills in order to lead and develop sport later on in life. This can be aided by providing numerous sporting events to not only ignite interest but keep that interest alive.

In order to do this we have committed our 2020-2021 Sports Funding of £17,903 to the following:

Providing swimming lessons for 3, 4, 5 & 6 pupils - £3,000

Providing expert sports coaching & on-going CPD for the year across KS1 & KS2 - £2,000

Providing curriculum time coaching for Reception, Y1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 -  £5,000

Buying into a local competition calendar - £600

Updating & maintaining PE/games equipment - £700

Updating playtime equipment - £1000

Transport to sporting events - £1,000

With the increased SSG we aim to:

Extend opportunities for outdoor learning at Pond area – resources- £2,100

Introduce opportunities to visit Stockwood Forest School – all classes - £2,500

In 2020-2021 we also aim to to raise the profile of sport across the school by:

Develop the role and profile of Year 5 and 6 Play-Leaders

Pay for all after-school coaches

Work towards the Platinum Award – Sainsbury’s Games

Opportunities for younger children to swim

New Gymnastics mats (paid for by a Charity contribution to school – James John Orr Trust)

Dance and Gymnastics workshops for KS2 as part of PE lessons.


Sports funding has allowed us to increase opportunities for pupils to take part in sports, including swimming. Pupils receive swimming tuition in years 3,4,5 and 6. We support and use our local baths at Richard Rose Morton Academy in Carlisle.

See below for our pupil's attainment in swimming.

Year 6 Class swim 25 meters Use a range of strokes perform self-rescue
2017-18 100% 100%  not assessed
2018-19 100% 100% "
2019-2020 100% 100% "  ( 4 children were provided with extra swimming sessions)

See previous years’ Sports Reports for Impact of funding.

UK Government website
PE and sport premium for primary schools.


PE and Sport Premium

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